Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The art of ventriloquism

My father was a ventriloquist and a magician. This is one of his many puppets. He has a movable jaw, and his bright staring eyes are ever ready to assume any expression suggested by his puppet master.
What I find funny is that the ventriloquist has a single powerful factor working for him and this is that the listener wants to hear what the puppet has to say!


  1. That is so true. Why is it that we want to hear what the puppet says, but if a person were saying it we may be completely disinterested? I love your pictures!!!!

  2. Hi Mand - LOVE it. Was does it say on the tin? Can't quite make it out.

  3. sorry, but those eyes kinda freak me out. He looks like a Christian having a moment.

    Can we have shot with the mouth open, please? That might put me more at ease.

  4. Sorry for freaking you out Tim, I think a pic with the mouth open will freak you out more, so will save you from that one.

    It's a lovely old gunpowder tin , written in Afrikaans. It says ONTPLOFBAAR (explosive) at the bottom.