Tuesday, June 23, 2009

supporting the underdog

there are all sorts of rules and regulations which farmers and land owners need to obey concerning the removal of alien invaders and weeds. There is a whole lot of hacking, slashing and poisoning going on all over the countryside.
So, I dedicate this post to all those unwanted plants and also the unnoticed insignificant ones.


  1. Hi Mand, love the pictures. I have a blog here now too if you want to check in from time to time. I clicked on your page to 'follow' it so you will see me in your list, Shari

  2. Hi Mandy,
    Thanks you for the comment on my blog! you have a very nice blog here. I enjoyed looking through it.

  3. Hi Mandy, thanks for your comment on my blog- I think some of these plants would make wonderful drawing material! Your blog is looking really good-

  4. By the way, I like your furniture logo too- I like all your posted work!